Rad Max is a chaotic vision of post-punk tomfoolery, ping-ponging through a kitschy, apocalyptic 80s landscape.

Formed in a Portland basement by former members of Thundering Asteroids!, the Shitfits, and Shanananananananakneezkneez, Rad Max sings loud, fast, danceable songs about cool stuff like T-shirt collections, mall culture, and rare neurological phenomena.

// Rad John //
Vox / Keys
Trivia slinger, friend of dog, used to own a motorcycle
AKA: Johnny Flapjacks, Bakatu, Big Slurp

// Rad Josh //
Fun fact: Owns 2000+ VHS movies
Catchphrases: Sorry to bother you, idfk, #weloveit

// Rad Scott //
Likes: MST3K, "Murder, She Wrote," coffee, you
AKA: Scott Starkiller, TV's Scott

// Rad Greg //
Keeper of the Practice Space, Keeper of the Rhythm, Keeper of the Radness